NutriActiva offers a wide variety of attractive shipping options to our neighbors in Canada that will save money, lower import taxes, and eliminate customs clearance hassles.

Economy: This is an ultra low priced service ideal for low value items. (under $50)

Canada Post:  We ship directly with Canada Post so your package arrives with applicable GST and PST taxes prepaid.   Our rates with Canada Post are about 20% less than comparable USPS services.

FedEx: 1 day shipping available with our discounted rates.

Buy anthropometric equipment in Canada from the USA and save money

Buy anthropometry products in Canada from, and we’ll have it delivered to your door.  We ship to all of Canada, including Alberta, British Colombia, Calgary, Edmonton, Manitoba, Montreal, New Brunswick,  Ontario,  Ottawa, Quebec, Canada, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and more.

Get it tomorrow

We offer deeply discounted 1 and 2 day shipping to Canada for those urgent orders. In many cases we can guarantee arrival by noon tomorrow with taxes prepaid so there are not any surprises. Please contact us for details.

Import Taxes in Canada

Our Canada Post and FedEx shipping options ship with all taxes prepaid.  Otherwise all packages over about $15 USD are subject to applicable GST and PST taxes.

Buy Harpenden Skinfold Caliper in Canada has excellent prices on the Harpenden skinfold calipers with affordable shipping to Canada.  We even offer 1-day shipping.  Shop all Harpenden skinfold calipers

Buy Lange Skinfold Caliper in Canada

We offer good prices on the Lange skinfold calipers with affordable shipping to Canada, including next day shipping. Shop all Lange skinfold calipers

Buy Small and Large Bone Anthropometers in Canada, including Realmet, Cescorf and Calibres Argentinos

We sell the small and large bone anthropometers by Realmet, Calibres Argentinos, and Lafayette with affordable shipping to Canada, including next day shipping. Shop all anthropometers

Buy Slim Guide Caliper in Canada has low prices on the Slim Guide skinfold calipers with affordable shipping to Canada.  Shop all Slim Guide skinfold calipers  

Buy an anthropometry kit in Canada, including Harpenden and Realmet BCN

We offer anthropometry kits that include large and small bone anthropometers, skinfold calipers, segmometers, and more by the brands Harpenden and Realmet BCN.  They may include fitness software, BMI tape measure, calibration block, and an anthropometric tape measure. Shop all anthropometry kits

Buy Lufkin W606PM anthropometric tape measures in Canada

Nutriactiva has low product and shipping prices for the Lufkin W606PM anthopometric tape measure. Shop all tape measures