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History of the Lange skinfold caliper

The Lange skinfold caliper is mostly unchanged from the original design over 50 years ago!   The device was developed in the Aeronautical Research Laboratory at the Univeristy of Kentucky ( Department of Mechanical Engineering). Dr. Karl O. Lange was appointed laboratory director in 1953 and the caliper was developed as part of Dr. Lange’s […]

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What is a Skinfold Caliper?

A skinfold caliper is an instrument or device that help measures body fat percentage.  It measures the thickness of a fold of your skin with its underlying layer of fat, and by doing this at the key locations can be a quite accurate representative of the total amount of fat that is on your body, […]

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Lange Caliper Review

About the Lange Skinfold Caliper The Lange skinfold caliper is a professional quality caliper; in fact, it is the most popular professional caliper in the USA.  It has been manufactured since 1962 with the same basic design.  It is a tried and true product that can last for decades. It sells for about $210-250 USD new […]

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Scientific Skinfold Calipers

A scientific skinfold caliper will be more durable, precise, and expensive than cheaper calipers.  For the majority of professionals, we recommend the Lange caliper because of its price, excellent reputation, durability, availability in the USA, compact size and hard case.  The prices are approximate prices in the United States. Compare Professional Scientific Skinfold Calipers LANGE  CALIPER […]

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Where to buy Lange calipers

The Lange caliper is one of the best, most reliable calipers in the world based on price, size, accuracy, and durability.  Lange calipers can easily endure decades of use.  Verify the following information before buying: Does the seller or payment processor guarantee the shipment?  If not, do not buy. Can the seller help me estimate […]

Skinfold Caliper Calibration

Skinfold Test Accuracy Skinfold calipers are precise measurement tools that measure skinfold thickness to estimate total body fat.  Accuracy of the final calculation depends on a few factors: Tool – Start with a caliper with a good reputation among professionals Technique – Taking accurate measurements requires training and practice Calibration – Skinfold calipers generally use […]

Compare Skinfold Calipers

Compare the Best Skinfold Caliper **This is a general comparison of all calipers.   Please visit our store page to purchase calipers that we offer.** When choosing a skinfold caliper to buy it is important to know the durability, precision, and unique characteristics of the product.  Keep in mind this may be a product that you keep […]

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How much do Skinfold Calipers Cost?

Compare skinfold caliper prices.  Skinfold calipers can cost from a couple USD dollars to more than 500 USD.  Here are the approximate prices of calipers in the United States in USD. Cost of Skinfold Calipers on NutriActiva.com LANGE  CALIPER PRICE $215-235 The Lange is used by professionals and researchers, and it features a compact metal […]