Where to buy anthropometric equipment

It can be difficult to find specific anthropometric equipment around the world.  NutriActiva sells some of the most popular products and offers international shipping.  Feel free to send us information about where to buy products in your country.

Where to buy skinfold calipers (Slim Guide, Lange, Harpenden, scientific, etc.)

International – NutriActiva.com

  • International delivery to almost every country in the world
  • Delivery guarantee for all shipments
  • Multilingual
  • Offers the Slim Guide, Lange, and Harpenden body fat calipers.

International – Ebay.com

Ebay.com is a giant marketplace of individual vendors of new and used products. There is a wide variety of skinfold caliper models, but few vendors in the USA sell internationally.

Where to buy flexible steel tape measures for anthropometry

International – NutriActiva.com offers multiple anthropometric tape measures here.  

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