Lange skinfold calipers

Where to buy Lange calipers

The Lange caliper is one of the best, most reliable calipers in the world based on price, size, accuracy, and durability.  Lange calipers can easily endure decades of use.  Verify the following information before buying:
  • Does the seller or payment processor guarantee the shipment?  If not, do not buy.
  • Can the seller help me estimate import taxes I will have to pay?   Will you pay 10% tax?  60% tax?  Good to know.
  • Can the seller and I communicate in the same language?
  • Does the shipment include a tracking number?  There is a big difference in price between services with a tracking number and service without one.
  • How many days must pass before a package is declared lost?  It is usually 30-60 days. guarantees all shipments, offers tools and support for estimating import taxes, communicates in multiple languages, always offers the option of shipment with tracking, and requires 30 days to pass before a package is lost.  Visit our store

Where to buy Lange Skinfold Calipers has international delivery, accepts returns, sells new and used condition, and is multilingual. NutriActiva offers the Slim Guide, Lange, and FatTrack Gold digital calipers. is a marketplace for many sellers who each have their own policies and products  Most sellers in the USA do not sell internationally.  Ebay also has local sites for many countries. You can buy new and used and their is a wide variety of skinfold caliper models.  Quality of used Lange calipers varies greatly. is a marketplace for many sellers who each have their own policies and products.  Most sellers are in the USA and international shipping is very limited and generally expensive.  Many models are available.

Craiglist connects local buyers and sellers, and it can be very difficult if not impossible to find a skinfold caliper for sale locally.

International Local Stores

In most major cities around the world there are local vendors of skinfold calipers. Typically the price is higher than in the USA.   For example, in the USA a Lange caliper costs about $225, and in other countries it costs $400-500.  The advantage of local vendors is they accept local payment, have products for immediate sale and pickup, and will not require additional payment of import taxes and shipment.