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Skinfold Calipers -

What is a Skinfold Caliper?
A skinfold caliper is an instrument that helps measure body fat percentage.  It measures the thickness of a skinfold, and by doing this at the key locations, can be a quite accurate representation of the total body fat. 

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Ideal % Body Fat -

You can know what is the ideal percentage of body fat according to different formulas for men and women, whose calculations and results could be slightly different, since they have different authors. Review the body fat tables for men and women for Jackson-Pollock 4 and 7 site formulas, the SEEDO formula, and Lohman formula.  

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Body Fat Formulas -

The Jackson and Pollock 7 formula is one of the most accurate formulas for calculating the percentage of body fat because it utilizes 7 skinfold sites and it considers gender and age.  It  is ideal for persons with moderate physical activity, the general population, and young athletes

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How to Take Anthropometric Measures -

How to Measure Body Fat Percentage with a Skinfold Caliper
A skinfold test is used to monitor changes in body composition and to estimate body fat. A trained tester pinches the skin with skinfold calipers to measure the thickness of skin and adipose tissue (fat). Know how to take skinfold measurements.

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Lange, Lange skinfold caliper, Skinfold Calipers -

Lange Skinfold Caliper Review
The Lange skinfold caliper is a professional quality caliper; in fact, it is the most popular professional caliper in the USA.  It has been manufactured since 1962 with the same basic design. Buy Lange skinfold caliper

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