Cescorf Anthropometry Kit

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BRAND: Cescorf

  • INCLUDES large bone anthropometer (60cm), small bone anthropometer (18cm), flexible segmometer (3m), Lufkin W606PM anthropometric tape measure (2m), and portable stadiometer (3m). Adequate for ISAK II and III certification courses.
  • DESIGN Cescorf equipment was developed for health, fitness, and sport science professionals who want durable, practical, high quality, professional equipment for a reasonable price.
  • ANTHROPOMETERS have lightweight and durable aluminum construction that ensures a smooth slide. Adjustable arms give the user maximum control and are detachable for easy transport.
  • SOFT TRANSPORT CASE for easy transport and protection of the equipment.
  • OPTIONAL Compartment for a Harpenden skinfold caliper (not included in this offer).

The Cescorf anthropometry set has the tools necessary for complete body measurement. It features a durable and practicle design with aluminum construction anthropometers and a padded transport case. Skinfold caliper not included in this offer. Cescorf is the only Latin American manufacturer approved by International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK).