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What is a Height Meter (Stadiometer) and How to Use It?
A height meter (also called a stadiometer) is an instrument used to measure the height of people. The best known are those that are installed on the wall that can be transported and installed anywhere.

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How to Measure Height of Bedridden Adults
Measuring the height of recumbent people due to illness or disability is very necessary to provide physical and nutritional monitoring. Here you can learn about the ways of height measurement and the necessary equipment.

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Take anthropometric measurements in babies make it possible to monitor their health status to prevent and / or detect diseases early. The most used measurements are weight, length (height), perimeters: brachial (arm) and cephalic (cranial).

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How to Measure Mid Upper Arm Circumference with MUAC Tape
Learn to measure mid upper arm circumference with the MUAC tape in infants from 6 - 59 months (26cm), children from 10 - 18 years (45cm) and adults and pregnant women (56cm).<br />It is based on UNICEF guidelines and marked with colors to easily identify the nutritional status of the patient

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